2017 European Trip Itinerary (Our Honeymoon)

My husband, E, and I went on our honeymoon shortly after our wedding. If you’re looking into visiting nine (9) countries in Europe within three (3) weeks, then this itinerary might work out for you too. All the credits go to my husband for coming up with this jampacked, but still realistic schedule. And for funding too! 🙂

It was summer when we went on this trip (August 2017). The advantage of this season is daytime is longer and the sun sets at around 9:00 PM. This allowed us to have more time to go around the cities that we visited. The downside of travelling during summer is the uncomfortably hot weather. E and I both agreed that the next time we go on holiday, it will be during Spring or Fall season.

I will write about each country in the coming weeks and months. Links will be provided on this blog eventually. Whilst this itinerary deemed fit for both of us, here are some advice that we can give.


  1. Before booking your flights, you should decide first on which season you would like to see the countries that you are visiting. The season would significantly affect the mood of your trip, which types of clothes to bring and what activities to enjoy.
  2. Provide yourself ample time to research, to compare rates of flights and hotels, to check the details of the tour packages that you plan to avail.
  3. Be decisive with your budget. Decide where you’re willing to spend more money on and which you’re willing to cut. Is staying in a very nice hotel very  important to you or are you willing to settle for an average hotel? Are you willing to pay for the entrance fees of attractions or is seeing the facade already sufficient?
  4. Be specific with what exactly you would like to see in the country of your destination. Be realistic at the same time by checking the modes of transportation and the travel duration.
  5. Check the weather forecast one month to one week before your trip. You can visit Paris during summer but experience a lot of rainfall with temperatures dropping.
  6. Take time to discuss with your companions (whether it’s your partner, your family, your friends) the details of your itinerary. Let them know if your trip will entail a lot of walking, a lot of transfers, if it will be physically exhausting. Check with them if they would like all days to be packed with activities or if they would like to allot one day per country for relaxation with no rush.
  7. Even after so much thorough planning, you may still find something wrong when you’re already on the trip and you would wish that you have done it better. That’s okay! 🙂 Just enjoy the moment instead of wasting time being frustrated.



Day 0: Manila to Paris via Eva Air

Day 1 to 4: Paris, France / Trip to Versailles

Paris to Amsterdam via Train

Day 4 to 6: Netherlands / Day trip to Brugge, Belgium

Amsterdam to Berlin via Easy Jet (Plane)

Day 6 to 8: Berlin, Germany / Trip to Potsdam, Germany

Berlin to Prague via Regio Jet (Bus)

Day 9 to 12: Prague, Czech Republic / Day trip to Vienna, Austria

Prague to Zurich via Swiss Air (Plane)

Day 12 to 14: Zurich, Switzerland / Day trip to Interlaken and Grindelwald

Zurich to Venice via Easy Jet (Plane)

Day 14 to 16: Venice, Italy

Venice to Rome via Train

Day 16 to 18: Rome, Italy / Day trip to Florence and Pisa / Vatican City

Rome to Milan via Train

Day 18 to 19: Milan, Italy

Day 19: Milan to Manila via Singapore Air

P.S. Tips from other travelers are welcome in the comments section! 🙂


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