Online Shopping at Morrisons

I am so impressed at how convenient it is to shop online — especially the groceries! 🙂 On our first few months here in the UK, we bought our supplies from a Morrisons branch which is just a short walk from our home. The trips to the supermarket were exciting at first, but they became a bit tedious and tiresome eventually, us having to carry a week’s worth of groceries.

E then suggested that we try to order online instead and have the items delivered to our home. Since we are already familiar with Morrisons and some of the products that they sell, we tried their online shopping feature and home delivery service.

As a first step, you have to Register and create an account on their Website. You will be asked to enter your postcode to see if they’re delivering in your area. They’re currently available in the Midlands, the North West, the North East, Yorkshire, North London, Bristol and the Cardiff area. Once it’s confirmed that they deliver in your area, you will be asked to supply pertinent information such as name, e-mail address, postcode and create a password.

When you’re done with the account creation, click on Book a delivery to secure your desired delivery schedule. The site will ask you to pick a date and time. The delivery costs vary depending on the day of the week and time. Deliveries late in the evening usually cost less than the rest of the day. This slot will be on hold for the next hour which gives you sufficient time to fill in your basket.


Time Slot

Since orders are being placed online, payment is convenient using debit and credit card. The value of the trolley needs to be over £40 to be able to checkout the order. I see this as a bit of a downside because I’ve seen offers from other retailers that have a lower purchase requirement OR may have a purchase requirement within the same range, but offers Free Delivery. We have yet to explore this and check if they deliver within our area.

Browsing is convenient as the products are sorted by categories and subcategories. If you have a particular item in mind, you may just use the search bar to find it.


For a household like ours who orders on a weekly basis, the Favourites feature is helpful as it shows me the most important items that I have previously marked.


While on the site, you would also be repeatedly offered and reminded of discounted items and special deals. It’s actually really nice that Morrisons has a lot of promotional offers, primarily promoting upsizing. Others are just straight discount.


Deliveries are usually within the specified time frame.But in cases where it’s possible to deliver at an earlier time, the deliver personnel will give you a ring to check if you could accept your orders already.

When they deliver, they usually place the orders in several bags, sorted by type (i.e. personal care, fresh, frozen). We were so impressed because the bags may be returned to them, reused and they will refund you with 0.05p.

Instead of spending an hour and a half to two for a trip to the store, our orders are now being delivered to our doorstep. 🙂 We look forward to order as well from Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Iceland, etc.






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