2019 Snow Experience in Greater London

Snow is fairly a rare occurrence in Greater London. We are ecstatic to have experienced it, a heavy fall at that. Based on the articles that I read and stories shared by the locals, snow did not fall in 2016 and the years before that. Whilst we are not accustomed to (daily) very cold weather, we still saw the charm that winter had to offer. We are “lucky” to have experienced snow when we moved in 2017, early last year (2018) and this year.

Sharing some photos here. 🙂

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Afternoon Walk in Belgravia, London

The weather was lovely today and perfect for taking an afternoon walk. I explored some streets in Belgravia in London, a location that’s very popular on Instagram because of the pretty shops and apartments. It’s just a short walk from London Victoria Station.

Sharing here some of the photos that I took. They are also up on my Instagram @wherejoannago. Enjoy! 😊

JO LOVES | 42 Elizabeth St, Belgravia, London SW1W 9NZ

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Scandinavia Series: Stockholm, Sweden Travel Guide

Stockholm is a vibrant, beautiful and charming city. We only had 2.5 days to explore the city and how we wish we would have been able to spend more time in Sweden’s capital. This is usually the case for tourists so making the most out one’s stay regardless of how short it is is the best way to go. Happy to share as well that this is the 22nd country that I have explored! 🙂


Sweden has four seasons – Winter, Spring, Summer and Autumn. The best time to visit if you prefer sunshine and warm weather is May to September. This also means that the day is longer. If you are fascinated with the autumn foliage just like me, it is nice to visit in October. If snow is what you are after, aim to go from late November to March with February as the coldest month. It is best check the forecast months before your visit all the way to the days before your holiday. Continue reading “Scandinavia Series: Stockholm, Sweden Travel Guide”

Scandinavia Series: Oslo, Norway Travel Guide

NOTE: Photos will be added within 1 week. 🙂

Scandinavia is not a cheap travel destination and Oslo, the capital city of Norway, is no exception. Nevertheless, it was well worth the visit. I see it as a spectacular destination with nature-related activities, modern architecture, reliable public transportation and so much more.

Norway can be enjoyed on a budget if you plan ahead. If cutting on costs would not be feasible, at least you can research and plan ahead to make the most out of your stay.

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Copenhagen to Oslo Cruise via DFDS

One of the highlights of our Scandinavia trip was our overnight cruise from Copenhagen to Oslo. We travelled via DFDS Seaways which is a Danish shipping company that operates passenger and freight services across northern Europe. It was a practical choice because it served as our accommodation and transportation in one.

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