Afternoon Walk in Belgravia, London

The weather was lovely today and perfect for taking an afternoon walk. I explored some streets in Belgravia in London, a location that’s very popular on Instagram because of the pretty shops and apartments. It’s just a short walk from London Victoria Station.

Sharing here some of the photos that I took. They are also up on my Instagram @wherejoannago. Enjoy! 😊

JO LOVES | 42 Elizabeth St, Belgravia, London SW1W 9NZ

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American vs. British Words

It has already been four months since E and I relocated here in the UK from the Philippines. Whilst English is a commonly spoken language back home (school, workplace and even in regular conversations), I learned that there are vocabulary differences between American English and British English.

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London Public Transportation

I get so amazed at efficient public transportation. Both tourists and locals make more out of their time when the means of transportation are accessible, affordable and reliable. Having lived in London for almost two months, I would like to initially share what I think about their public transportation, particularly about the train system and the buses. I have noticed that people from different walks of life take the public transportation. And this, for me, is an indication that it is really inclusive and serving its purpose.

There are several types of transportation in London.

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